& really all I want is:

  • a bull terrier
  • an apartment
  • and someone to drool over pictures of breakfast food on the internet with



Little Poppy Pug #wip #gouache #illustration #pug #poppy


Little Poppy Pug #wip #gouache #illustration #pug #poppy

You lost the right to tell me that you miss me. I don’t want to hear that shit.

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Pompeii - Bastille; The left ear is the official studio version while the right ear is a live acoustic performance found here.

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  Mountainscape of the Rongme Ngatra | reurinkjan

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Don’t change the way you are
Don’t change the way you were because I said
Run away from your mistakes
And all you hate because you said
So you will

That’s a promise you need to keep
And if you break it, you’ll never leave

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I’m guessing it would be a really depressing reality to know how much money I’ve spent on gum in the past 4 years.

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Paul Rudd in Clueless (1995)

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